Customers and Industries Served

B.A.P. Manufacturing has produced blades and edges for many medical applications since 1971.

Some of the pther commercial enterprises for which we have created blade products include the industrial, aerospace, food processing, plastics, automotive, construction, hobby, graphic arts, sport-related, hunting, packaging and countless other industrial related areas which utilize specialty blades and edges.

A few of the corporations we have worked with:
U.S. Surgical, Sunkist, Johnson and Johnson, and various other medical manufacturers,
to name but a few. B.A.P. Manufacturing in many cases acts as a second tier blade supplier to many companies.

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Do you have a difficult custom or standard blade or edge you need a blade solution for immediately?

B.A.P. would like the opportunity to demonstrate our unique, cost-effective blade or edge solutions for:
traverse radius
multiple edges
"V" type grinds
single or double bevels edges
from "chisel" to "surgical"

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